Dotsure Comprehensive Car Insurance Review 2023

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DotSure comprehensive car insurance is one of the easiest insurance products to sign up for, with DotSure offering up to a 20% premium discount when signing up online. The product offers coverage for accidental damage, damage to others, fire, theft or hijacking, key replacement, riots & warfare, non-standard accessories, and vehicle credit cover. However, it tends to exclude deplorable acts and damages from the policy, such as pre-existing damage, driving while intoxicated, part maintenance, and criminal activity.

DotSure comprehensive car insurance provides a simple claim process that can be completed online. After the necessary documentation is received, the claim is processed, and arrangements are made to settle a covered incident.

DotSure Comprehensive Car Insurance Benefits

The insurance product offers a range of benefits, including:

Emergency Roadside Assistance:

The policyholder benefits from roadside assistance when stranded anywhere in South Africa, thanks to the emergency roadside assistance. DotSure offers assistance by sending help if you are stranded due to a lack of fuel or a dead battery. The benefit also includes pick-up service and assistance with towing.

Emergency Medical Benefit:

The DotSure emergency medical benefit assists the policyholder if they are injured in a car accident. DotSure will pay for either road or air transportation if you require medical attention.

Pothole Protect Benefit

The Pothole Protect Benefit covers the costs of pothole damage on behalf of the policyholder. The cover not only pays for tyres but also pays for the damages on rims.

Fines Protect

The fines protection benefit notifies the policyholder of new fines that have been incurred. Furthermore, the benefit facilitates the payment of fines while also negotiating the reduction of due fines.

Accident Protect Benefit

The accident protect benefit aids in the processing of road accident fund claims. DotSure handles road accident fund claims from start to finish, eliminating the need for the policyholder to deal directly with the road accident fund.

DotSure comprehensive car insurance is one of the best car insurance products in South Africa due to its ease of subscription and claim process. Its benefits, such as emergency roadside assistance, emergency medical benefit, pothole protect benefit, fines protect, and accident protect benefit, make it a comprehensive insurance product that provides excellent value for money.

Optional Coverage Removal

Policyholders can optimize their coverage by removing some of the covered incidents they don’t need, in addition to the benefits that come with the insurance product. Policyholders can get a lower premium by removing the following coverages that they don’t need from DotSure comprehensive car insurance:

Weekend Cover: This allows individuals who don’t drive on weekends to get a reduced premium.
Hail Cover: The hail cover can be switched on and off whenever needed.
Night Drive Cover: This removal is suitable for those who don’t drive at night.
Windscreen Cover: This removal is suitable for those who don’t travel on gravel roads.
Frequent Driver Cover: This allows those who drive less to pay less for their car insurance.

Optional Add-ons

Customers can add additional options to their DotSure Comprehensive car insurance policy for an additional premium. These add-ons are designed to improve the product and make it more comprehensive. The following DotSure comprehensive car insurance add-ons are available:

Excess Buster

Policyholders benefit from lower excess payments when filing a claim. Excess buster reduces the excess amount by a percentage or amount agreed upon by the policyholder and the insurer. Dotsure will pay an excess fee that the policyholder must pay if they file a claim. The excess buster add-on is available for an additional premium, and the amount of cover varies depending on the amount of excess fees covered by the policyholder.

Platinum Cover

The DotSure Platinum Cover add-on provides cash reimbursement for car rentals, alternative transportation, trauma counseling, accidental death, and accidental permanent disability. The add-on pays out if an insured event necessitates the use of the aforementioned emergencies.

Advantages of DotSure Comprehensive Car Insurance

  • The product comes with a discount of up to 20% on the premiums payable when subscribing to the product online.
  • There are optional add-ons that can be taken to enhance the product. Natural caused and accidental damage to a motor vehicle are covered.
  • The product can be subscribed to entirely online. There is no waiting period, as the product is activated immediately after successfully subscribing to the product.
  • The cover is optimizable, with the ability to remove the cover that is not needed.
  • Different types of motor vehicles can be insured under the product. Claiming is easy, with the filing of a claim being done online.

Disadvantages of DotSure Comprehensive Car Insurance

  • The product does not come with a cashback benefit when the policyholder remains claim-free for a certain period.
  • The product only has two add-on options, which may not be enough for some customers.


Individuals can get comprehensive car insurance through DotSure while also being able to optimize their coverage and keep only the cover options they require. This change allows policyholders to save money on their insurance policy by removing other insurance options, which reduces the monthly premiums payable. The drawback of car insurance is that it does not offer a cashback benefit as an add-on, which is a disadvantage for those who go a long time without making a claim. However, the benefits that come with the insurance product more than compensate for the absence of a cashback benefit on the policy.

Lethabo Ntsoane

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Lethabo Ntsoane
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